Clubhouse Restaurant

Clubhouse Restaurant is located in the Royal Valley, just 100 meters from the Royal Village Apartments. Thanks to its availability, you do not have to spend long hours cooking and you can enjoy great food in the Clubhouse with a direct view of the panorama of the High Tatras. The interior of this young, two-year-old restaurant stands out with its unique design, clean lines and massive wooden walls or ceiling. In the Clubhouse Restaurant you will experience not only a gastronomic but also an aesthetic experience in one place. We can’t even imagine a better place to have lunch or dinner together during your stay!

Lunch or dinner at the Clubhouse
In addition to breakfast, you can sit with family or friends in the Clubhouse restaurant for a tasty lunch or dinner and relax in the modern interior or with a breathtaking view of the Tatras and the surrounding golf greens.
You can see our Menu on the website

Family and corporate events
If you are planning a family event, a celebration of your birthday or you are looking for a wedding hall under the Tatras or the best place for a corporate conference or team building for your employees, you have just found the perfect place! At Clubhouse Restaurant we have extensive experience in organizing various types of events. You can also find their offer on the restaurant’s website,


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